Children'S Chef Utensil Set


Kids love this complete mini chef utensil set! Quality useable tools of their own. Yes please! We've superceded our black and white set and introduced a new colourful set.

Definition of whisk - A metal utensil made of looped wires joined at the handle, used to whip foods such as cream and egg whites....

Utensil set comprises:

- mini whisk

- coloured spatula with wooden handle (colours - red, yellow, pink or green)

- mini pastry brush

- mini potato masher and

- coloured mini tongs (silicone tip) (colours vary from red, yellow, pink or green)

- Includes a coloured fun recipe card (laminated)

All utensils are child-size approximately 13-18cm long and chosen for non-sharpness and child friendliness.

Beautifully packaged in 'mini whisk' gift bag

*Please note: If you have a preference for your coloured utensils, ie. for boy or girl please email us

** picture showing 'cupcakes' childrens chef hat & farmyard animal pig 'kitchen fun' apron

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