Rhyme Cookie Cutter


A small innovative mini whisk present for the special little chef. Cookie cutters can be used for baking, playdough, fairy bread or even cutting kid's sandwiches for lunch or parties... even makes a great party favour present... How cute!!

Each cookie cutter has the complete rhyme (associated with the cutter) written on the cardboard affixed to the cutter with a gorgeous glitter star ribbon. 

Choose from the following cookie cutters:

1.  flower (ring a ring a rosie....) 
2.  lamb (mary had a little lamb....)
3.  pig (this little piggy went to the market...)
4.  apple (this one is a quote:  an apple a day .....)
5.  teddy bear (round and round the garden....)
6. star (twinkle, twinkle little star.....)

All cookie cutters measure between 3" - 3 3/4".

Please note: Cookie cutters are made from the highest quality tin available and feature rolled edges for additional strength and safety.

Beautifully wrapped with mini whisk tissue paper.

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